Skill Pointers for Spellweavers

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Here are some tips on how you can effectively use your skills.

1. The Magic Missile is the Spellweaver's basic attack skill. Its base damage is equivalent to 55% of your basic damage. It is best used against Nefertaris since they are magic type.

2. When you use Lightning Strike pair it up with Fire Ball but don't wait for the lightning to strike before you use another skill. Cast the lightning and fire away immediately for bigger damage.

3. Lightning Strike can be helpful when you need an escape plan. It paralyzes the enemy for at least 3-5 seconds which gives you enough time to run. If you still can't get through because you are surrounded you can use your Teleport skill.

4. Another helpful skill when you are surrounded is the Frost Nova. I suggest you use it when you are surrounded with at least 4 or more enemies so you can maximize the skill. Once the enemies surrounding you are frozen you can cast your fire ball for bigger damage.

5. When you are to fight a boss and you're in a group, you can help your tank (Dragon Knight) best by using your skills that can paralyze the enemy like your Frost Nova, Lightning, and Frost Wind. This will help the Dragon Knight by lessening the damage he will take from the monsters.

6. Take note that when you Teleport there are times you return in the same place where you were before. That's because there probably are monsters or objects in between you and the place you're looking to Teleport to. It's best to click in place where nothing is blocking the path.

7. If you are to choose between a Meteor or Lightning Strike, I suggest you use Lightning Strike instead because it creates bigger damage compared to Meteor (plus the stun effect, of course).

8. If you want to reduce the attack speed of your enemy, use the Ice Blast. If you are trapped, this will help you run away because it will slow the enemy down by 20%. This is also helpful for long range fights since it decelerates the enemy's movements, it gives you more time to do damage before it reaches you.

9. If you are to use your chain of Lightning Skills, I suggest you use with enemies lower than your level. It only takes about 10% of your basic damage so it won't really help that much.

10. Skills that causes the enemy to daze usually has a longer cool-off time. Don't use them all at once.


  1. I wonder if they've improved the lot of the Spellweaver class recently?

  2. What's the news with the Spellweaver class? Have they improved it?

  3. Nope. It still sucks. However, they improved the Dk, big time.

    1. Ouch! But at least the DK class seems to be doing quite well.


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