Farming Tips: Pick up Signets, Amulets, and Rings ONLY

From time to time, I make it a point to go to Slifmoor just to dish out pain and punishment to its otherworldly denizens and collect the loot they surrender just so I can avoid buying ‘em with Andermant, Drakensang-Online’s in-game currency (bought with real world money).

At the beginning my strategy consisted of basically picking up everything that the monsters I dispatched dropped and sold them to the blacksmith. It became tedious after a while because I had to go back to the Urban Area frequently making hard to build momentum. It was also mildly frustrating because it was taking so long to fill my coffers so I decided a new strategy was in order.

Nowadays, when out farming, I only pick up the following items:

  • Essences (Combat, Aggression)
  • Healing Potions
  • Signets, Amulets, and Rings

Essences and Healing Potions are pretty self-explanatory but why Signets, Amulets, and Rings only? Three words: they’re worth more.

Most Signets, Amulets, and Rings will go for 2-6 silver pieces depending on the type compared to armor and weapons which are usually worth only a few copper pieces to a couple of silver coins at the most. There are exceptions of course but they’re pretty hard to come by.

So, each trip I make to the blacksmith to sell stuff actually yields more money as compared to before when I keep bringing in things like belt and fangs.

Having said that, make sure to check the non-Signets, Amulets, and Rings items that gets dropped by the monsters you kill. You never know when a Magical or Legendary is going to cross your path so it’s best to check rather than regret it later. Of course, if you never knew to begin with there’s no reason to regret it, is there?

Apparently, ignorance is bliss!

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