Komikero: Dragon Knight Skills Configuration

Hello! Gerry Alanguilan here again, rambling about my Dragon Knight.

Two new skills have been added with Release 046, in addition to to new skills added with Release 045. I think the two new skills are tremendous but it left a few players are asking, "how am I going to fit all those skills in the hotkeys/tabs?"

That's a legitimate question, because as it is, there are more skills than there are hotkeys. The hotkeys, as I like to call them, are the row of buttons between the two globes at the bottom of the playing screen. The hotkeys are divided into two sections. The left section has 6 hotkeys, while the right section has 3 hotkeys.

The right section represents the attacks that are activated by your mouse. The first key represents your left mouse button, which is your primary attack key. In that key, I placed "Angry Strike", which is probably the only skill I can place there because it's the only attack strike that you can use right away without building up "Rage". In this game, "Rage" is generated by using the "Angry Strike" continuously, and as your rage rises, you can see just  how much in the beige globe on the left. When you have enough "Rage", it is only then other skills can become usable.

In the second and third key I placed "Mighty Swing" and "Mighty Wild Swing". The second key is the skill that's activated when you use your right mouse button. Key 2 and Key 3 can be interchanged by clicking "Tab".

Before Release046, I would generate "Rage" by using "Angry Strike" continuously. When my rage level is at maximum, I would then press Button #5 (on the keyboard) to activate "Scream of Rage". This would increase the damage I can give as well as give me speed. I would then use up the rage by using a combination of the "Mighty Swing" and "Mighty Wild Swing".

With Release046, I replaced "Mighty Swing" with "Smash". I did this because "Smash" can be used continuously as long as you have rage. Unlike most other skills, "Smash" doesn't need a cool down period to be used again. You can use it again and again in quick succession.

Not only that, "Smash" brings 200% weapon damage, which is insanely powerful. I love using it because it really kicks those monsters asses. Awesome sound effects too.

Which brings me to the left set of hotkeys. I already mentioned Button #5. I will now talk about the rest. The left set of hotkeys represents a bunch of other skills that the Dragon Knight possesses. They can be activated by the number keys on your keyboard from #1 to #6.

Button #1: Not really a skill but a shortcut for health potions. This assignment is indispensable because I absolutely need a shortcut for health potions which would allow me to quickly regain health when I'm dangerously close to dying. With the increase in the number of skills, it might be wise of the developers assign a different key on the keyboard to activate health potions (probably "H"?) so that this button can also be used for skills. Now I don't know if there is actually a health potion shortcut somewhere on the keyboard. Let me know if there is.

Button #2: Paralyzing Onslaught.

Button #3: Furious Battle Cry. Before Release 046, this button was assigned the "Furious Battle Cry". This is a skill that instantly increases your rage, allowing you to use other skills right away without engaging in battle first. It's useful, but it's a skill I never really used much anyway and I thought I could do away with it by replacing it with the new skill "Rage Jump". Like "Furious Battle Cry", "Rage Jump" can be used right away without needing to generate rage.I like using "Rage Jump" to either jump into battle or escape from it (to regenerate health).

Button #4: Iron Brow.

Button #6: Ground Breaker.

I use Buttons #2, #4 and #6 in one after the other to keep monsters almost perpetually stunned. That allows me to take down the more difficult monsters much quicker, and much easier than before.

One trick I really like to use now is clicking "Iron Brow" and then using "Smash". "Iron Brow" both stuns and lowers the armor of monsters. This makes "Smash" even more powerful when it brings in 200% weapon damage. Big monsters fall like ten pins.

And that's how my Dragon Knight skills configuration stands as it is now. And it's awesome!


  1. I agree, Rage Jump and Smash (I feel like the Hulk whenever I use it) are awesome skills! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yeah, Level 38 comes with a couple of new quests. I just laugh because the quests give me permission to go to places I was actually able to go to and clear of monsters some levels earlier. Oh well...

    2. Aba! At nag-level up na! Ha ha ha! :D

  3. My Dragon Knight has been languishing for ages. I really should take it out for a spin one of these days. :D


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