Dragon Knights

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I like close quarter combat, where you get all up close and personal with your opponents…as far as RPGs and gaming is concerned, of course (if the fighting was real life, give me a semi-automatic hand gun any day). That’s why I favor warrior type characters and, in the world of Drakensang, that character is the Dragon Knight.

Dragon Knights was once known as the fighting elite of the empire before its fall. Now that the ancient enemy has returned, the Order of the Dragon Knights has been mobilized for battle and pushed to rise to the challenge.

“Skilled in many weapons and trained under the toughest conditions, Dragon Knights are powerful and courageous masters in combat, who fearlessly charge into battle even when they’re significantly outnumbered. All recruits who survive the grueling initiation into the Order of Dragon Knights partake in a final blood-oath ceremony during which they must drink the blood of the dragon. Imbued with magical powers passed down through the ages, this blood grants these furious warriors unbelievable strength, perseverance, and the power to use the Order’s legendary combat secrets on the battlefield.”

As a Dragon Knight you will unlock these skills as you level up:

Angry Strike

Angrily Strike an enemy and cause 75% of your basic damage as physical damage. Let anger build which the Dragon Knight needs to use other skills.

Generated: 10 Rage (this basically means that every time you use the Angry Strike you generate 10 Rage points which you can use to power your other skills depending on their own Rage requirement).

Ammo Use: 1

Mighty Swing

Crush your enemies with a Mighty Swing which inflicts 50% of your basic damage as physical damage on all opponents directly in front of you.

Cost: 20 Rage
Ammo Use: 3

Bloody Wild Swing

Wound all enemies around you with a massive wild swing, which causes 75% of your basic damage as physical damage. Hit enemies bleed for 5 seconds (PVP: 3 seconds), thereby reducing their attack speed by 20% and their travel speed by 40%. They also suffer 10 % of your basic damage as physical damage per second.

Cost: 30 Rage
Ammo Use: 3

Furious Battle Cry

Let out a battle cry, which instantly builds 45 Rage, strengthens your armor for 15 seconds depending on your level, and increases your travel speed by 15%.

Generates: 45 Rage

Paralyzing Onslaught

Charge forth unstoppably and cause 45% of your basic damage as physical damage to all enemies in your way. Hit enemies are stunned for 3.5 seconds (PVP: 2.0 seconds).

Cost: 20 Rage
Ammo Use: 2

Scream of Rage

Enter in to the frenzy of battle for 6.0 seconds. At this time use your skills, not anger, and your basic damage is improved depending on your level. Your attack and travel speeds are also increased by 35%.

Cost: 60 Rage

Mighty Wild Swing

Crush all enemies around you with a Mighty Wild Swing, which causes 200% of your basic damage as physical damage.

Cost: 60 Rage
Ammo: 5

Aside from the Angry Strike, most of these skills need a certain amount of Rage and/or recharge time before they can be used again so it's a good idea to work out a system where you use certain skills in succession for certain scenarios and opponents (the alternative, of course is to stand there getting hacked to death while you wait for your favorite skill to become usable again). Your general fighting style will also depend if you're the hit-and-run or the stand-and-fight type of player.

I'll be discussing some of the strategies I employ with my own characters in future articles.

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