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Choosing a character to play as in Drakensang-Online is not really that difficult (there’s only three after all with a fourth one incoming still undisclosed at this time).

Each class has its own strengths and advantages as well as its requisite weaknesses and handicaps. Most players who have been playing for some time tends to gravitate to certain characters and play as these types over and over again for different games.

A word of advice for those who are just starting out: it’s best to try all the characters out and just get a feel for what works best for your particular temperament and style (only time and experience will tell).

Drakensang-Online features the following classes:

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Dragon Knights are highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and are capable of channeling their pent-up anger to invoke special skills and make powerful attacks.

That's why the longer they stay in battle, the more dangerous they become!

"An impressive array of deadly weapons serve an equally deadly line of warriors. Using much more than brute force, the Dragonknights are the fearless freedom fighters of Duria. Each recruit, assuming they survive their training, must undergo the Order's blood-initiation ritual. Within the halls of the Dragonknight stronghold, they drink the centuries-old dragon blood. They then continue their studies, learning how to use the fire and rage of the dragon within them to master the feared fighting techniques of the Dragonknights."

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Rangers are not only outstanding archers, but are also apt at melee.

Their style is characterized by dynamics, as they stay constantly in motion. They choose their targets from afar, first weakening them with arrows and then striking them down in close combat with their blade bow.

"A hard life in the wilderness has made the Rangers into what they are: Alert hunters who prove time and again that they are at least a match for all other beings of creation. From an early age, young members of the clan learn knowledge that has been passed down through millennia, as the traditions of Rangers are as old as humanity itself. Over time, their intense involvement with nature and their inherent inner balance has given them an almost magical ability to wield the blade bow."

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Spellweavers are excellent ranged fighters.

They use their mana to control the elements of fire, ice and lighting and manifest their spiritual powers by invoking mysterious spells. A spellweaver may be easy to disable in close combat but they're not easy to catch. They teleport out of the way of danger.

"These highly intelligent beings have dedicated their lives to studying magic, commanding the elemental essences of fire, ice and lightening to improve their magic attacks. The magic knowledge gleaned from their apprenticeship helps the Spellweavers to become masters of their craft. Their quest for wisdom and magic mastery is guided by a codex that must be strictly obeyed."

You can find out more about the characters on the Drakensang-Online characters page. Click here.

My character is a Dragon Knight named Jonasdiego (now there's a surprise). I've always been partial to playing barbarian/warrior types, as I prefer to dispatch hordes of monsters and undead warriors in close quarter combat. As can be expected with these types, Dragon Knights start off with a high number of hit points as compared to other character class and will not go down easily.

I've tried playing as a Ranger and a Spellweaver but it just doesn't do it for me. That being said, I don't mind having both of them at my back in a party facing down a great number of monsters.

What character class do you play and why?

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