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The road to Grimmagstone is older than the kingdom itself. Over two thousand years ago, as the empire began to take shape, a spellcaster of the first circle was buried deep in the earth, now marking this holy pilgrimage site.

A trip through the area surrounding Kingshill leads travelers to places long since forgotten in the shadows of time. Much awaits those brave enough to wander into the shadows.

Long ago, Heredur the great commander ordered the construction of a fortress, thus severing the ties to the dying empire and crowning himself king of Duria. Slifmoor

The small town of Grovery was once known throughout Duria for its precious and processed metals. In the nearby farms lived the hard-working people peacefully in the shadow of the local mountain.

On the eastern coast of the little island kingdom of Duria lies the harbor city of Shorfolk. The proud trading capital and gateway to the world has always played an important economic and military role within the kingdom.

High atop the eastern-most mountain of Duria towers the old fortress of Teganswall like a memorial over the coastal region of Shorfolk. As early as the time of Heredur, too few Dragonknights were charged with the task of defending its walls. They would withdraw to the gatehouse and venture down the arduous path to complete the ancient rites passed down to them, no longer aware of the true fact why they must: To protect the gate to the Anderworld!

The village of Jarlshofn lies beyond the dark sea, on the much celebrated thunder coast, called Torstrond by the Norsemen. Long did the coastal towns of Duria live in fear of a local bearded warrior’s bladed dragon boats, until a young King Harold and the Jarl of the Norselands made a pact of eternal peace.

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