Release 043

The Drakensang-Online Team recently announced Release 043, a small release that includes a few improvements and bug fixes, as well as 3 new quests.

New Quests
  • The series of quests entitled “Bad News” now has a new Jarlshofn quest that can be embarked by speaking to Alvis Runevision after reaching level 26
  •  There is the new quest “Restless Ghosts” in Jarlshofn, as well as a second variation for level 24 (and above) players available from Alvis Runevision. To start the quest, you must first complete the fourth part of the “Deadly Screams” series of quests

What’s really exciting for me is that the bit about the new skills!
"We will be presenting you with the first 6 new skills in release 44. Each character class will receive 2 new skills, with one added at level 18 and one at level 30. This is the first phase of our skill rally; and, each character class will possess 12 skills and have a skill tree by the end of April."

Read the full release details. Click here.

Extraordinary Adventurer’s Sword

Click to enlarge.
I recently acquired an Extraordinary Adventurer’s Sword and spent an inordinate amount of time collecting the necessary Crystals of Truth (about 185, if I remember correctly) to identify it.

I’m really more of an axe or hammer type of Dragon Knight but the sword was simply extraordinary, literally and figuratively.

I decided (spur of the moment thing) to sell my hammer, shift to a sword and shield set up, and try the combo for a while.

It’s an interesting experience thus far.

Click to enlarge.
On one hand, I miss the high amount of damage that I usually dish out with my hammer. On the other hand however, my attack speed is incredibly fast and I’m taking less damage now that I have a shield.

The color combination on my character is ghastly though but I figure that will change once I made to full shift to the extraordinary class of weapons and armor soon.

Here's my new weapon's full specs (on the right).

I’m enjoying my new sword and I think I’m going to stick with it for a while.

Hello, Spellweavers!

Click to enlarge.
First of all, I would like to thank Jonas for allowing me to publish some Drakensang-Online related posts here.

Okay, Spellweavers: this is our time to shine!

Character: Spellweaver
Current Level: 26
In-game Name: Xvii

So, here are some basic Spellweavers facts and tips:

1. Spellweavers are magic user type of character.

2. They cast spells like Lightning Strikes, Fire Bolt, and Frost Nova.

3. Since they are long range type, they excel in dishing damage to the enemy before they get close.

Click to enlarge.
4. Spellweavers rely on mana points to power their spells so it's best to collect and store as many mana potions as you can. In the event you run out of potions your options are either to buy more potions using Andermats (expensive in-game currency that you buy with real money) or run (LOL!).

5. Unlike Archers, if the enemy gets too close we can't use our wands to hit or stab. So, if you have the opportunity to run, please do so.

6. You have two choices for weapons: the long hand staff or the main hand staff. If you are going to use the main hand staff, partner it with a book or a clairvoyance ball. Based on experience, it's best to use the book or clairvoyance ball that has block rate in it. It helps you lessen the damage you get from your enemy. Long hand staff has bigger damage compared to main hand but you need to use two hands so say goodbye to the book.

7. Spellweaver hit points are low compared to the other race so I suggest you look for armor that increases health and armor (but also consider armor that increases mana points since you will be using a lot of it). The higher the number the better chances that your character will be less affected by monster blows. You can buy some defense stones to increase your armor value (hello, Andermats!).

Click to enlarge.
8. You can use essences such as aggression, combat, war, and destruction to increase your attack damage. The cheapest essence you can buy is the essence of aggression (you can purchase them using silver from your local essence merchant so no need to buy Andermats). Essence of combat is good for Spellweavers especially for the lightning skill.

9. The faster the attack speed of the weapon, the faster your mana will burn. Main hand staff usually have higher attack speed, meaning you can hit your enemy twice as fast unlike when you are using the long hand staff.

10. If in case you ran out of mana, hit points, but are without mana and/or healing potions, you can always run away from your enemy, go to a safe place, and rest. Wait until your mana and/or health regenerates then go back and kill more mobs.

PLAY the Awesome Drakensang Online, AVOID the Official Forum (UPDATED and RESOLVED)

Click to enlarge.
Hello, Gerry Alanguilan here.

Thanks to Jonas for a guest post at this awesome blog about this awesome game. I want to relate to you all how I discovered it.

Last December I got fed up waiting for Diablo 3 and I started looking around for any free Diablo type games I can download and play. It didn't even have to be free.

All it had to be was awesome and I was willing to pay for it, much like I did for Torchlight.

"Drakenang-Online" came up in one of my searches on Google and I decided to try it. It turns out, you didn't have to download anything. All you had to do was create an account, create a character, and you can play right there and then. It was a browser game but it was a more sophisticated browser game than I was used to playing. I thought it was incredible that such quality of graphics and ease of play can be achieved in a browser game.

Drakenang had all the familiar elements of what made Diablo 2 so enjoyable. I was immediately able to play without much problem. The learning curve was gently sloping and before I knew it, I had already spent half a day playing it.

Since Drakenang was (and still is) in open beta, the developers are still continuing to develop and refine the game, adding new quests, features, skills, maps, etc. There are still a few bugs here and there but there's not much in a way that would ruin your playing on a significant level.

Click to enlarge.
Although the game is free, there are features of the game that you can enjoy as a paid customer. You can gain better armor and better abilities much quicker if you pay for it. You can still get those things for free but it will take you a long time collecting the in-game currency through combat to get them. As in a very long time. If you don't have that kind of patience, you're compelled to make your playing easier and more convenient by paying for it. And believe me the game will make you want to pay for it.

Although I have forked out money myself upon reaching later levels, I will only pay as much money as I would have paid for a game like Diablo.

Currently, in spite of the bugs and other things I mentioned, Drakensang-Online is one of the best games of it's kind I've played.


Click to enlarge.
I joined the forum in an effort to connect with other players and be helpful in terms of helping developers find out the bugs in the game and what other things I can offer in terms of an open beta player.

It's just unfortunate that the forum seems to be run like a fascist state where the most innocent of infractions can get you banned.

I got banned for a few days for spamming/advertising. And what was I advertising? I posted a link to this blog...a blog that celebrates Drakensang-Online. If you feel that's ridiculous, well, it certainly is. Participating in the forum is enough to kill your enthusiasm for the game itself, so I strongly suggest you avoid it like the plague.

It's too bad that an awesome game like this would have such a nasty thorn as its official forum. It's just so unfortunately bad. You will know which forum it is when you go to the Drakensang site and click on "Community".

That's it. Play the game, enjoy it, but if you want to keep enjoying it don't ruin your fun by going to the forum.

You were warned.

March 16, 2012 UPDATE!

The forum community manager got in touch with me to get to the bottom of the situation. I explained in much more detail what had occurred. His response was extraordinary in that he apologized and that policies will actually be changed in the forum due to what happened.

I feel better about the situation and now I feel much better about playing the game, so much so I actually spent some money to buy some stuff in game! I'm still considering if I will actually come back to the forum as I'm perfectly happy posting my opinions on this blog. Let's just see!

Thanks to Tim for getting in touch and straightening things out and thanks to Drakensang-Online for being such an awesome game.

New Dragon Knight Skill: SLAM!

The guys over at the Facebook Page of Drakensang-Online promised their followers that they'd reveal details about a mysterious new icon that they released if the page reached 35,000 likes by last Sunday (read about it here).

The number was reached and as they promised they reveal some details about the icon which was actually a little sneak preview of the soon to come "Spring of Skills" patch. The Dragon Knight will use this nice new attack called "Slam". Not to worry though because Rangers and Spellweavers will also be getting new skills.

Stay tuned for more detailed information about damage and effects of the new Dragon Knight skill.

Battle Strategy: Dragon Knight Battle Tips

Click to enlarge.
As a fledgling Dragon Knight, my battle style all but consisted of hitting the monster until it dies…or I do, whichever comes first.

Having reached Level 30 recently, I’m happy to say that I’ve developed five battle strategies that I use regularly. These techniques are the result of many hours of battling it out with hordes of undead ghouls, vile creatures, and other assorted monsters.

A disclaimer however: I use a hammer (and thus no shield) that dishes out high damage but is a bit on the slow side in terms of attack speed. I’m partial to these kinds of weapons so I haven’t had much experience trying out these techniques using sword and shield. You guys out there who use the sword and shield combo might have varying results and thus might have need to modify the techniques for your own specific situation.

With that said, following are the five most often used techniques in my bag of tricks.

Melee Attack 1
This technique is the one I use when dealing with monsters whose numbers I consider manageable (around 4-6 monsters for level 20-25 Dragon Knights or 6-8 monsters for level 25-30 Dragon Knights) and cannot inflict a high level of damage to my character.

Click thumbnail for a larger image.

I start off with 2 Angry Strikes to generate the needed amount of Rage to launch into a Paralyzing Onslaught attack. After stunning the enemy (remember: they only stay stunned for 2-3 seconds) I deal out another two Angry Strikes and finish it off with a Mighty Swing (depending on your level, weapons, and your items' properties you may need to do another 1-2 Angry Strikes to finish the monster off).

Melee Attack 2
I use this technique when there's a sort of urgency involved in a battle (either when there's more monsters coming and I need to dispatch the first wave quickly or to prevent the enemy from building up steam and using a devastating attack).

Click thumbnail for a larger image.

Instead of starting off with 2 Angry Strikes, I start off with a Furious Battle Cry to generate the needed Rage to use the Paralyzing Onslaught. After stunning the enemy, I use 2 Angry Strikes to generate more Rage then use a Mighty Swing and then another Angry Strike (in the event that the monster is still standing).

Shock and Awe 1
This technique is pretty fun to use and is quite nifty in rescuing on of your party who has gone off without the rest of the group and gotten himself stuck in the middle of a horde of monsters.

Click thumbnail for a larger image.

Start off from the edge of the horde and generate the needed amount of Rage by using the Angry Strike (Required: 20 Rage) as many as necessary to use the Paralyzing Onslaught and the Mighty Wild Swing (Required: 60 Rage) or Bloody Swing (Required: 30 Rage). If the situation is dire you may need to throw in a Furious Battle Cry to generate the necessary Rage faster.

Once the needed amount of Rage is available, launch into a Paralyzing Onslaught into the middle of the horde (preferably, the monster nearest your team member in trouble and stunning all opponents in between) and then unleashing a Mighty Wild Swing or a Bloody Swing.

Depending on your level and the monsters your fighting, this move might not be enough to kill all of the creatures you're fighting but it just might give you and your trouble team mate a fighting chance (at least until the other members of your party can execute a more coordinated rescue).

Shock and Awe 2 
This is a good technique to use when surrounded with low level monsters and one (1) mid to high level monster capable of inflicting some serious damage.

Click thumbnail for a larger image.

At this point I'm assuming you've already built up your Rage points to the necessary level to execute a Scream of Rage (Required: 60 Rage). In case you've forgotten, Scream of Rage allows a Dragon Knight to enter in to the frenzy of battle for 6.0 seconds. At this time use their skills and basic damage is improved depending on the level. Dragon Knights' attack and travel speeds are also increased by 35%.

Once you've done a Scream of Rage, let loose a Might Wild Swing or Bloody Swing to dispatch the low level monsters then use up you remaining Rage to take advantage of your faster attack speed and let loose a barrage of Might Swings at the top dog in the horde. Hopefully it will be enough to take it down but in the event that it's not, there's an escape option available.

Click thumbnail for a larger image.

After you've used up your Rage, do a couple of Angry Strikes to build up Rage and use the Paralyzing Onslaught to high tail it out of the horde of monsters which I assume will have you boxed in and trapped by this time.

Make sure to aim for the monsters at the edge of the horde otherwise you're not going to get far and remain trapped until the skill cycles up and you can use it again (but chances are you'll be dead by this time).

Last Stand
Compared to the other techniques, the Last Stand is pretty straightforward. I use it most frequently when faced with a monster who is seriously hurting me, escape is not an option, and my hit points are dwindling fast.

Click thumbnail for a larger image.

 Assuming your Rage points are at the required level, use the Scream of Rage (Required: 60 Rage) and then just go to town on your opponent with a barrage of Mighty Swings. You're either going to 1) die (most realistic), 2) deliver enough damage for one of your party to finish the monster off, or 3) actually kill it (it can happen).

I use a combination of these in succession just to mix it up a bit.

If you guys have your own special moves, I'd love to hear about it if you care to share.

The Beautiful World of Drakensang

Ysa Arce and I checking out the sights in the world of Drakensang-Online.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

The World of Drakensang

Discover the world of adventure that is Drakensang-Online!

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

The road to Grimmagstone is older than the kingdom itself. Over two thousand years ago, as the empire began to take shape, a spellcaster of the first circle was buried deep in the earth, now marking this holy pilgrimage site.

A trip through the area surrounding Kingshill leads travelers to places long since forgotten in the shadows of time. Much awaits those brave enough to wander into the shadows.

Long ago, Heredur the great commander ordered the construction of a fortress, thus severing the ties to the dying empire and crowning himself king of Duria. Slifmoor

The small town of Grovery was once known throughout Duria for its precious and processed metals. In the nearby farms lived the hard-working people peacefully in the shadow of the local mountain.

On the eastern coast of the little island kingdom of Duria lies the harbor city of Shorfolk. The proud trading capital and gateway to the world has always played an important economic and military role within the kingdom.

High atop the eastern-most mountain of Duria towers the old fortress of Teganswall like a memorial over the coastal region of Shorfolk. As early as the time of Heredur, too few Dragonknights were charged with the task of defending its walls. They would withdraw to the gatehouse and venture down the arduous path to complete the ancient rites passed down to them, no longer aware of the true fact why they must: To protect the gate to the Anderworld!

The village of Jarlshofn lies beyond the dark sea, on the much celebrated thunder coast, called Torstrond by the Norsemen. Long did the coastal towns of Duria live in fear of a local bearded warrior’s bladed dragon boats, until a young King Harold and the Jarl of the Norselands made a pact of eternal peace.

You can read more about the different regions and find out more about the world of Drakensang here.

Find out WHAT this is

The folks from Drakensang-Online, the epic new action RPG game from BigPoint.COM, is giving us a bit of a teaser (your guess is as good as mine).

They're saying that if they reach 35,000 likes for Drakensang-Online's Facebook Page till the end of this week they're going to tell us what the picture is about. Off-hand it's either a new character or a new skill (though it's probably the former).

They got 34,514 likes so far so we're almost there!

Jonasdiego: Level 29 Dragon Knight

The color coordination is somewhat jarring but my gear is mostly awesome!

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

What's your gear like?

FREE Starter Packs for NEW Registrations for Drakensang-Online

Drakensang-Online, the epic new browser-based (extraordinary 3D graphics and effects directly in your browser) action RPG game, is giving away a starter pack for new registrations.

The starter pack includes:
  • 1 Fruit of Understanding (+100% experience)
  • 20 Healing Elixirs
  • 200 Crystals of Truth
  • 1 Ruby (Increases Damage)
  • 1 Chest Armor by Class
  • 2 Legendary Soul Savers

You got to hurry though because the offer is only good until this Sunday February 26, 2012.

Battle Strategy: The Paralyzing Onslaught

I don’t see the Paralyzing Onslaught used often enough by other Dragon Knights which is a shame because it is one of the most useful skills in the Knight’s bag of tricks especially when you’re going adventuring solo.

I employ the Paralyzing Onslaught for the following purposes:

Escaping a horde of Monsters that’s trapped you

Click to enlarge.
I’ve lost count of the times this scenario has happened to me, being prone to rushing into battle only to realize too late that I am vastly outnumbered. The sensible thing to do when this happens is to beat a hasty retreat but sometimes this is not possible either because:

1. Too many enemies surround you, blocking all escape routes
2. Enemies and your surroundings prevent your escape (I call this the “stuck between a rock and a hard place scenario”)
For Dragon Knights, the Paralyzing Onslaught can be used as a means of quick escape but it must be done correctly or you’re going to find yourself back where you launched.

The Paralyzing Onslaught only requires 20 Rage points for use. Starting dry, you can reach the required amount of Rage with two Angry Strikes on the nearest enemies. With so many enemies taking a stab at you however, you’re probably going to reach the required amount just by standing there since a small amount of Rage is generated with any attack against your character but I wouldn't recommend it (who wants to stand there doing nothing while taking a pounding?).

Click to enlarge.
Once the proper amount of Rage is reached pick the enemy farthest from the ring of marauders attacking you, preferably with lots of space to run around in. All the enemies between your launch off point to your landing point will be stunned for 2-3 seconds lessening the numbers of those who will be going after you.

A word of advice though: don’t panic and just launch into the Paralyzing Onslaught because chances are you’re not going to get far and you’re going to find yourself pretty much where you were with your hit points dwindling while waiting for the skill to recharge. Chances are you’re probably going to be dead before you can use the Paralyzing Onslaught again.

Don’t launch-off half-cocked. Take a second to figure out where you’re going to be headed after you land to regroup.

Fighting a number of 2-3 Tough Opponents all at once (or facing down the Boss)

Click to enlarge.
There are occasions that you’re going to have to fight 2-3 (even 4) tough opponents and retreat is not an option (I haven’t participated in a PVP battle so I’m not sure how useful it is against other players). Simple math will tell you that just standing there exchanging blows with monsters that can dish out high amounts of damage is not the wise thing to do even with potions thrown into the mix.

Sun Tzu, author of the classic The Art of War, said that mobility is key and that has never been more true here. Using the Paralyzing Onslaught, employ a hit and run tactic. Tear at your enemies’ hit points bit by bit and eventually they will drop dead. It will take some time especially for opponents that have high hit points but it is the most effective method of dispatching them without taking a lot of damage yourself.

The way to do it is to raise your Rage to the required level to be able to use the Paralyzing Onslaught skill (either by doing 1-2 Angry Strikes or using the Furious Battle Cry). Get your opponents to chase you until they line up then use the Onslaught hitting all your opponents (really useful when faced with 2-3 monsters but a bit more challenging with 4). After landing, use a couple of Angry Strikes at the enemy nearest you to make sure you maintain the required level of Rage then high tail it out of there. Two’s the optimum number of strikes you can land before you need to run and avoid retaliation (victims of the Paralyzing Onslaught will only stay stunned for about 2-3 seconds). More than that and you’re sure to receive damage when the uglies come to.

While waiting for the skill to recharge you basically execute evasive manoeuvres as your opponents chase you (make sure to set them up for the next attack). Once the skill is ready execute like before and repeat as necessary.

The tactic is basically the same for Bosses except for the really nasty ones.

How about you guys? Got any tactic you’d care to share?

Dragon Knights

Click to enlarge.
I like close quarter combat, where you get all up close and personal with your opponents…as far as RPGs and gaming is concerned, of course (if the fighting was real life, give me a semi-automatic hand gun any day). That’s why I favor warrior type characters and, in the world of Drakensang, that character is the Dragon Knight.

Dragon Knights was once known as the fighting elite of the empire before its fall. Now that the ancient enemy has returned, the Order of the Dragon Knights has been mobilized for battle and pushed to rise to the challenge.

“Skilled in many weapons and trained under the toughest conditions, Dragon Knights are powerful and courageous masters in combat, who fearlessly charge into battle even when they’re significantly outnumbered. All recruits who survive the grueling initiation into the Order of Dragon Knights partake in a final blood-oath ceremony during which they must drink the blood of the dragon. Imbued with magical powers passed down through the ages, this blood grants these furious warriors unbelievable strength, perseverance, and the power to use the Order’s legendary combat secrets on the battlefield.”

As a Dragon Knight you will unlock these skills as you level up:

Angry Strike

Angrily Strike an enemy and cause 75% of your basic damage as physical damage. Let anger build which the Dragon Knight needs to use other skills.

Generated: 10 Rage (this basically means that every time you use the Angry Strike you generate 10 Rage points which you can use to power your other skills depending on their own Rage requirement).

Ammo Use: 1

Mighty Swing

Crush your enemies with a Mighty Swing which inflicts 50% of your basic damage as physical damage on all opponents directly in front of you.

Cost: 20 Rage
Ammo Use: 3

Bloody Wild Swing

Wound all enemies around you with a massive wild swing, which causes 75% of your basic damage as physical damage. Hit enemies bleed for 5 seconds (PVP: 3 seconds), thereby reducing their attack speed by 20% and their travel speed by 40%. They also suffer 10 % of your basic damage as physical damage per second.

Cost: 30 Rage
Ammo Use: 3

Furious Battle Cry

Let out a battle cry, which instantly builds 45 Rage, strengthens your armor for 15 seconds depending on your level, and increases your travel speed by 15%.

Generates: 45 Rage

Paralyzing Onslaught

Charge forth unstoppably and cause 45% of your basic damage as physical damage to all enemies in your way. Hit enemies are stunned for 3.5 seconds (PVP: 2.0 seconds).

Cost: 20 Rage
Ammo Use: 2

Scream of Rage

Enter in to the frenzy of battle for 6.0 seconds. At this time use your skills, not anger, and your basic damage is improved depending on your level. Your attack and travel speeds are also increased by 35%.

Cost: 60 Rage

Mighty Wild Swing

Crush all enemies around you with a Mighty Wild Swing, which causes 200% of your basic damage as physical damage.

Cost: 60 Rage
Ammo: 5

Aside from the Angry Strike, most of these skills need a certain amount of Rage and/or recharge time before they can be used again so it's a good idea to work out a system where you use certain skills in succession for certain scenarios and opponents (the alternative, of course is to stand there getting hacked to death while you wait for your favorite skill to become usable again). Your general fighting style will also depend if you're the hit-and-run or the stand-and-fight type of player.

I'll be discussing some of the strategies I employ with my own characters in future articles.

Drakensang Heroes

Choosing a character to play as in Drakensang-Online is not really that difficult (there’s only three after all with a fourth one incoming still undisclosed at this time).

Each class has its own strengths and advantages as well as its requisite weaknesses and handicaps. Most players who have been playing for some time tends to gravitate to certain characters and play as these types over and over again for different games.

A word of advice for those who are just starting out: it’s best to try all the characters out and just get a feel for what works best for your particular temperament and style (only time and experience will tell).

Drakensang-Online features the following classes:

Click to enlarge.
Dragon Knights are highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and are capable of channeling their pent-up anger to invoke special skills and make powerful attacks.

That's why the longer they stay in battle, the more dangerous they become!

"An impressive array of deadly weapons serve an equally deadly line of warriors. Using much more than brute force, the Dragonknights are the fearless freedom fighters of Duria. Each recruit, assuming they survive their training, must undergo the Order's blood-initiation ritual. Within the halls of the Dragonknight stronghold, they drink the centuries-old dragon blood. They then continue their studies, learning how to use the fire and rage of the dragon within them to master the feared fighting techniques of the Dragonknights."

Click to enlarge.
Rangers are not only outstanding archers, but are also apt at melee.

Their style is characterized by dynamics, as they stay constantly in motion. They choose their targets from afar, first weakening them with arrows and then striking them down in close combat with their blade bow.

"A hard life in the wilderness has made the Rangers into what they are: Alert hunters who prove time and again that they are at least a match for all other beings of creation. From an early age, young members of the clan learn knowledge that has been passed down through millennia, as the traditions of Rangers are as old as humanity itself. Over time, their intense involvement with nature and their inherent inner balance has given them an almost magical ability to wield the blade bow."

Click to enlarge.
Spellweavers are excellent ranged fighters.

They use their mana to control the elements of fire, ice and lighting and manifest their spiritual powers by invoking mysterious spells. A spellweaver may be easy to disable in close combat but they're not easy to catch. They teleport out of the way of danger.

"These highly intelligent beings have dedicated their lives to studying magic, commanding the elemental essences of fire, ice and lightening to improve their magic attacks. The magic knowledge gleaned from their apprenticeship helps the Spellweavers to become masters of their craft. Their quest for wisdom and magic mastery is guided by a codex that must be strictly obeyed."

You can find out more about the characters on the Drakensang-Online characters page. Click here.

My character is a Dragon Knight named Jonasdiego (now there's a surprise). I've always been partial to playing barbarian/warrior types, as I prefer to dispatch hordes of monsters and undead warriors in close quarter combat. As can be expected with these types, Dragon Knights start off with a high number of hit points as compared to other character class and will not go down easily.

I've tried playing as a Ranger and a Spellweaver but it just doesn't do it for me. That being said, I don't mind having both of them at my back in a party facing down a great number of monsters.

What character class do you play and why?

Drakensangers Online: Browser-based Free-to-play Game

Drakensang Online is a browser-based and free-to-play action RPG game similar to Diablo from BigPoint.COM.

Gerry Alanguilan, close pal and fellow Komikero (in-game name: Komikero), introduced the game to me one time when we were hanging out in his house and wondering how much longer Diablo III (one of our favorite games) is going to take before it finally becomes available.

Click to enlarge.
“Something to play while you’re waiting,” he said.

I must admit that I thought that it was one of those cheap flash-based games with ads on the side: something you play for a few minutes to pass the time but not too engaging in the long term. However, if Gerry recommends it then I’m at least willing to give it a try.

I was very happy that I did.

Click to enlarge.
The signup was fast and easy. The whole process didn’t take me more than five minutes and I was playing soon after but that’s not all. The game also has extraordinary 3D graphics and effects (which were quite surprising for a browser based game), the landscape was just breathtakingly beautiful, and there are so many quests! It was hard to believe that I didn’t need to install anything and even harder to believe it was FREE!

Suffice to say I was hooked.

Now, I wander the lands of Drakensang slaying monsters (and sometimes running away from them) and this is the chronicle of my adventures.

Contact Jonas Diego

I service organizations, companies, and brands with a wide range of needs (project management, art/comics production, design, web development, and social media). If it requires a creative solution, you've come to the right place.

You can download my resume here. You can download my portfolio here.

You can send me a message via email at the following email address:


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