Coming Soon at Drakensang-Online

Apparently there's not going to be just one but three talent tree (speaking of which, how do you find the new talent tree thing...I wasn't able to immediately figure it out).

There will be three different talent trees covering most in-game fight situations:

1. A class-skill based talent tree
2. The PvP talent tree
3. A talent tree that improves your general skills for monster fights

The spring of skills will also be followed by some new endgame content such as dungeons available for level 40 characters only (another incentive to keep grinding to level up). These new upcoming dungeons will contain one of the ultimate item sets for those with luck on their side.

More details here.

How do you DEFEAT Frostclaw?

We're literally dying here trying to take the monster down.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.
Anybody know how to defeat Sigrisimarr Frostclaw?

Jonasdiego: Level 39 Dragon Knight

Finally reached Level 39! One more level to go before I hit Level 40 (and that's probably going to take a few weeks to accomplish).

The good news is there are a few quests available which will hopefully speed up the process of building up enough XP points to get to the next level. Honestly though, I'm hoping they'd add more quests to do as grinding at this level is really becoming so tedious.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.
I only got two quests to accomplish now:

1. Kill Sigrisimarr Frostclaw
2. Kill the Herald of the Anderworld

Tall orders!

Xvii: Mana points

I am wondering big time why my Mana points from 1,300+ turned 100 after the update.

As we all know Spellweavers rely solely on our Mana to attack and, with the mana points ceiling lowered after the last update, it's going to be even more difficult to grind solo.

This was the first game I know that decreased the Mana points' ceiling (weird).

I find it really hard since some of my skills requires 75 Mana points to use such as the Lightning Strike. So after casting it you need to rest a little bit in order to use another skill. In my opinion this is a very big disadvantage for Spellweavers because you cannot perform chain attacks during battle which makes you more vulnerable

I can't just employ hit and run tactics all the time, right!?

Komikero: Scream of Rage and My Startling Realization

It turns out the Dragon Knight skill "Scream of Rage" was definitely an important and fundamental element of my gameplay.

And when I started playing the game a lot less when the "Scream of Rage" skill was removed, it made me realize just how important it was. Having that skill made the game very enjoyable to me because it allowed me a burst of quick movement and attack. The skill allowed me to dispatch mobs and strong enemies with extraordinary glee.

Having an open mind and open to new experiences, I tried to play the game with the new skills, especially "Banner of War" and "Dragon Hide", but after a couple of weeks or so I found myself continuously frustrated and ended up enjoying the game less and less. I gave it a shot, but it just wasn't working for me.

To me it's all about the "payback" feeling... every gamer knows that feeling.

It's when your character is able to hit at enemies really hard that it sends them scrambling. A lot of games have this and it's what make those games a lot of fun to play. To me, Drakensang-Online had "Scream of Rage" for  Dragon Knight.

It was what made  Dragon Knight thrilling to play.

Unless this skill is brought back, I don't see myself playing the game a lot for the foreseeable future.

Xvii: Missing Hit Points and Mana Points

If I remember correctly my hit points is already at 1,980 and my mana points is around 1,000+.

When I logged in earlier this was my stats:

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

What happened?!

Drakensangers 20

So Close yet so FAR!

I'm currently a Level 38 Dragon Knight and I'm about three-and-a-half cells away from reaching Level 39. The problem is that you need more and more XP points to level up for each higher level so I'm spending more time than usual grinding because I actually ran out of quests to do.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.
It's getting a bit tedious really so I'm hoping the powers that be from Drakensang-Online see fit to bless us with a few more quests just to get things moving along.

Extraordinary Gold Ring

I can't believe my good luck!

Just yesterday I lucked out on the Daily Login Bonus in Drakensang-Online and got an Extraordinary Platinum Ring (click here to read all about it). Earlier today I managed to pick up an Extraordinary Gold Ring from one of the undead archers in Teganswall!

Adds +54 armor value
Increases health by 81
Adds +71 to critical health value

It had a slot which allowed me to get an additional +3 to health when a gem presented itself.

So awesome!

Drakensangers 18

Rufo's is one of those fast food places that was very popular among the college going kids even during my time.

Following is the translation for our non-Pinoy speaking readers:

Jonasdiego: Hey! There's a Rufo's here at the Burning Coast? I wonder if they do delivery?

Just Got Lucky

I login daily (even if I'm not going to play) just to get the Daily Login Bonus in Drakensang-Online. You sometimes luck out and get some pretty cool stuff from the daily rewards.

Today was extra special: I got an Extraordinary Platinum Ring!

Adds +7 to damage
Adds a total of 235 to my health
Empty gem slot

I sold off one of my lesser rings to make space for the new ring.

I am, officially, a happy Drakensanger!

Gold 101

I just accumulated a 101 pieces of gold.

At 99 pieces and fast approaching the 100 mark, I was hoping that it'll turn into Andermant or Platinum but alas, it didn't.

At least now I'm coin rich. I just wish there were more interesting things I can buy with it.

Keep 'em Coming!

The entries for the Photo Caption Contest is starting to pour in and I'm beginning to see some mighty interesting pieces.

Currently, we have a total of eleven (11) contestants and eighteen (18) images. Some of the participants have already begun to actively campaign for their pictures but it's still too early in the game to say who's going to be leading the race.

Click to enlarge.
The prizes at stakes are:

• 1st Place 10,000 Andermant, Box Keys, and featured on the Drakensang-Online Facebook, Twitter, and official forums and the Drakensangers Blog
• 2nd Place 5,000 Andermant, Box Keys,  and featured on the Drakensang-Online Facebook, Twitter, and official forums and the Drakensangers Blog
• 3rd Place 3,000 Andermant, Box Keys,  and featured on the Drakensang-Online Facebook, Twitter, and official forums and the Drakensangers Blog

The ten (10) runner-ups will receive 10 Box Keys and will be mentioned on the Drakensang-Online Facebook and Twitter Page and the Drakensangers Blog. The winners will be determined by the number of “likes” (one like, one vote) their entry receives. The entry with the most number of “likes” wins.

It's not too late to join. You can find all the details here.

Xvii: No Quest for Level 37

Just reached level 37 a couple of days ago and I was surprised to find out that there are no quest available for this level.

It's a bit hard to grind and grind considering most of the monsters are level 33 and you will only find level 38 mobs when you go to Dragon's Cavern. So, I was a bit lazy to go online and grind for experience.

I hope there are quests available in all level.

Drakensangers 15

Jonasdiego: Level 38 Dragon Knight

I just reached Level 38 and finally got a few quests to do!

The Drakensangers Photo Caption Contest!

Click for a larger image.
The contest is open to all.

No Drakensang-Online account needed but you will need to open one to avail of the prize/s (you will need to provide us with your in-game username and your server’s name. Entries will be in the form of photographs or graphics that include the following: you (the contestant) and the Drakensang-Online logo (download here:

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit.

Entries that do not include either an image of the contestant and/or the Drakensang-Online logo are not eligible for entry and/or will be disqualified. Furthermore, entries must not violate Facebook’s terms of usage.

There will be three winners:

• 1st Place 10,000 Andermant, Box Keys, and featured on the Drakensang-Online Facebook, Twitter, and official forums and the Drakensangers Blog
• 2nd Place 5,000 Andermant, Box Keys, and featured on the Drakensang-Online Facebook, Twitter, and official forums and the Drakensangers Blog
• 3rd Place 3,000 Andermant, Box Keys, and featured on the Drakensang-Online Facebook, Twitter, and official forums and the Drakensangers Blog

The ten (10) runner-ups will receive 10 Box Keys and will be mentioned on the Drakensang-Online Facebook and Twitter Page and the Drakensangers Blog. The winners will be determined by the number of “likes” (one like, one vote) their entry receives. The entry with the most number of “likes” wins.

The contest procedure is as follows:

1. Upload your entry (with the required image of you and the Drakensang-Online logo) on your Facebook account
2. Copy the URL of the entry and email to admin(AT) with the subject line: Drakensang-Online Contest
3. You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your entry and has been included in the list (allow 1-2 business days for reply, after which feel free to re-submit your entry or follow up)


Click on the poster for the full details!

Drakensang-Online tops 5M

Drakensang-Online tops five million users!

"Bigpoint's Drakensang-Online continues its impressive run with more than 5 million registered players worldwide since the official open beta launch in August 2011. Bigpoint's development team in Berlin has also significantly expanded the size of the game environment by doubling the total game content in less than a year. Numerous new areas, a plethora of new monsters and three times as many quests now await courageous heroes in the free-to-play, action MMORPG."

Click here to read the entire article.

Drakensangers Sunday Special

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

Online Dating in Drakensang-Online

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

Komikero: Potions? We don't need no stinkin' potions!

The frustrating rarity of Health Potions, along with the high expense of actually buying them has made me throw down the gauntlet and say ENOUGH!

That's right, I now consider this a challenge. I will no longer use Health Potions! From now on, I will only rely on health orbs dropped by monsters when I kill them. And if Health Potions do drop once in a while, then fine. But as of now, Health Potions are no longer in my shortcut panel (see below).

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.
My shortcuts are now all filled with skills. The spot where Health Potions used to be is now "Banner of War". It's very tricky fighting without the ability to click on a shortcut to instantly regenerate health. I always have to be careful not to be too damaged before I start to retreat.

In a way, I've always been thrifty with using Health Potions anyway, ever since the start of the game. So I've never really had to rely too much on it. This next step of not actually using them to me is only a natural progression. If they aren't going to make it easy to get Health Potions, then I'll just not use them anymore.

And I can play the game well enough anyway without them.

Banner of War

Here's a screenshot I took of me using the Banner of War skill. 

It looks impressive and bad-ass but I found the Scream of Rage skill better and more useful. Please bring the Scream of Rage back!


I started collecting blue eggs to get a bunch of yellow dye to give my Dragon Knight in Drakensang-Online a new look. You need 20 eggs to get one vial of yellow dye so, as you can imagine, I was running around all over the place collecting eggs.

After several runs, I managed to dye all my visible items. I would've finished earlier but I had to ditch my helmet already dyed yellow when an Extraordinary one showed up more suited to my level (had to go on another egg run).

And voila! The glitter's fairy dust, by the way (click here for my Fairy Summoning Wand article).

No relation (aside from the title)...

Going AGAINST Sigrisimarr Frostclaw

It was one of those rare occasions when Gerry Alanguilan (in-game name: Komikero), Ysa Arce (in-game name: Xvii), and I (in-game name: Jonasdiego) found ourselves all online at the same time. So, we party up and what do we decide to do?

Kill Sigrisimarr Frostclaw.

We were fresh from our own respective but separate campaigns against Khalys and we decided to try our luck with Mr. Frostclaw. After all, Gerry is already a Level 39 Dragon Knight, Ysa a Level 36 Spellweaver, and I'm a Level 37 Dragon Knight.

We should be okay, right? Apparently not.

We barely made a dent in Sigrisimarr's hit points and all of us died several times (that bastard's one tough cookie). While there were circle of protections all around in Kahlys' lair, there was nowhere to hide from Frostclaw. Worse, he periodically summons those spiky ice spirit things and you had to deal with them as well (as if Sigrisimarr wasn't problematic enough).

While Sigrissimar also followed a pattern in his attacks (energy tendrils, energy storm, summon ice spirits, repeat as needed) he was just too damn powerful to be taken down by just two Dragon Knights (Gerry and I) and one Spellweaver (Ysa).

It seems to me that we're going to need more manpower to take this baby down and a lot more firepower. We decided to call it a day, get stronger, maybe find some recruits, and fight Sigrisimarr Frostclaw when we're a bit more stronger.

Gerry logged out but Ysa and I took out our frustration on Khalys.

She, at least, didn't know what hit her.

Komikero: The Game so Far (What I Don't Like)

It feels like I've been playing Drakensang-Online for such a long time that I've always forgotten that the game is still actually in BETA (it's Open Beta, but it's still Beta). The game has not fully launched yet.

The fact that they are allowing us to play the game now benefits both the player and the developer.

It benefits the player because well, speaking only for myself, it's been such a fun game to play. It gives me appropriate distraction from work related stress. Whenever I encounter a difficult patch I just plug in the game, kill a few monsters, and I feel instantly better.

It benefits the developer because they get people who are not only willing to test the game and give feedback, but they also get to make some money in the process. Yes, although the game is free to play, there are some paid elements in the game that makes it more fun and more convenient to play. I have shelled out a couple of bucks here and there but I feel they're all worth it.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

This post is to give the all important feedback. Since we have been contacted in the past by people from Drakensang-Online through this blog, I certainly hope they still visit and check out what we have to say.

These are a few random things I didn't like about the game as it is today.

1. Locked Gems. Equipping gems to socketed items allows weapons, armor, and other accouterments to be more powerful and possess more characteristics. The gems come in different qualities from the lowest (Flawed) to the highest (Polished). You do get lower quality gems dropped from monsters as you kill them, and with a recent patch, you can upgrade similar quality gems into higher quality gems.

But once you equip those gems into sockets, you can no longer remove them. Well, you can replace them with other gems but the gem you are replacing gets destroyed in the process.

I once bought a Polished gem to give my character +40 Resistance to Elemental Damage and placed it on a Level 31 Legendary Gold Ring. This was back when I was Level 31. Now I'm Level 39 and I've got a much better Plantinum Ring.

I would like the option to take out the gem from my gold ring to place in my platinum ring. I think it's only fair as I bought the thing and I want it to continue to be useful to me.

2. Running in Place. This is a bug that has plagued the game ever since I started playing back in December 2011. Through all the patches this seems to be a bug that they seem to have difficulty fixing. It's a particularly frustrating bug. Once or twice I got killed because I couldn't run away fast enough. I thought I had got it made by successfully running away but he suddenly stops but still runs in place and I got knocked dead from behind by a pursuing monster.

3. Scream of Rage. I have to reiterate the frustration I felt when the developers opted to remove this skill from the Dragon Knight with the R048 Patch (I talk about this more in length here). Needless to say, I'm screaming with rage about this. Furiously.

4. Foreground Obscures Action. Another frustrating thing about playing the game that I've encountered since the beginning. Sometimes you can't help where you end up fighting and, sometimes, that ends up behind foreground elements that make it difficult to see what's going on. And when I can't see what's going on, it's hard to know how to deal with enemies and, once or twice, this has killed me.

5. Expensive Health Potions. There are a lot of paid elements in this game but it's something I clearly understand since I also run a business myself and it's a business I want to profit from. As I've mentioned before, this is a free game and you do get the chance to get a lot of these items for free provided you have the patience. However, it may take months of constant playing to craft something like say, a Polished gem. It would take weeks of constant playing to get enough Andermant to buy a lot of the good stuff. What you are actually paying for (if ever you decide to pay for anything) is the convenience to get these things quickly and easily. And if you want to enjoy the game more, that's exactly what you're going to do.

I understand this psychology completely.

However, I must emphasize that of all the things to make money from, Health Potions shouldn't be it. You do get free health potion drops once in a while but it's rare and you need a lot of health potions in this game to constantly keep playing, especially in later levels.

I do strongly suggest to the developers that if there's one thing I hope they can let go is to allow players to buy Health Potions with coins rather than Andermant. Coins I got in abundance. And Health Potions are an essential part of playing the game. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity.

There are a few other things I'm sure and I'll make another post about it in the weeks to come.

I know the developers have been aware of these issues for some time and I've been assured in the forum that this will be worked out in the future but I'm writing these down in any case just to remind them that this are still things that frustrates players, well, particularly me.

Got a FAIRY at last!

I finally got the final ingredient for the Fairy Summoning Wand from the daily login bonus earlier! I was thinking that:

1. I was finally going to be able to free up some much needed space from my inventory.
2. I was finally going to find out what the Fairy does.

Once you get all four ingredients (the diamond, the hair, the wand, and the pollen) you're supposed  to combine them all together and so off I went to the Work Bench to craft myself a Fairy Summoning Wand.

It's easy enough to do. Just put all the ingredients in the slots, click on the "combine items" button, and you got yourself a Fairy Summoning Wand.

Finally, I found out what it does:

And true enough, I was zipping around faster than usual with a trail of fairy dust behind me.

It's actually kinda cool. The only downside is that you can't use it at the same time as your Dragon Pet.

UPDATE: I can only feel the extra 25% traveling speed whenever I'm inside an urban area but it seems to me that I still run at more or less the same pace outside, pre-Fairy Summoning Wand. Must be a bug or something.

Spring Event Video

Komikero: I Regret The Loss of "Scream of Rage"

With the new R48 update, came two new skills for the Dragon Knight. In the past, I got excited every time new skills were added because for the longest time, the DK didn't have much skills and I've had to make do with around 5 or 6. Upon reaching Level 20, there were no more new skills to learn. Over time, new skills were added that made the DK more powerful and so more fun to play.

But in all this time I've always loved the "Scream of Rage" skill because, for a few seconds, my Rage was upped to maximum and my damage and my attack speed increased. Using a variety of attacks like "Smash", "Bloody Wild Swing", or even the simple "Angry Strike" after activating "Scream of Rage", allowed me to kill enemies more powerful than me quicker. It was very useful whenever I'm fighting for my life.

That skill has saved my skin countless times.

It's a skill that proved to be indispensable when I dispatched Khalys solo earlier.

But with the update, "Scream of Rage" was replaced with a new skill "Dragon Hide".

Dragon Hide does not increase my attack speed, increase my rage or increase my damage. It just increases my armor. Even though the other new skill "Banner of War" allows me to use my skills without the need of rage for the duration of 9 seconds, both new skills were pale replacements for "Scream of Rage".

All of a sudden, battle tactics that I've been using to my advantage for months went out the window. The new skills were simply not as effective as "Scream of Rage" was. Battling big enemies suddenly became much harder and more complicated.

Add to that the difficulty of choosing which skills will go into the hotkey bars because now there are more skills than there are hotkeys.

I really hope the Drakensang-Online developers not only restore "Scream of Rage" but assign a shortcut key on the keyboard to health potions so I can use the extra space on the hotkeys for a skill.

Drakensangers 14

Komikero: I Finally Killed Khalys Solo!

After realizing I could kill Khalys solo back when I was level 37, I decided to try again at a much later time after completing some other quests. I only got back to the task of killing Khalys when I was at level 39.

Surely this time, she won't stand a chance.

After receiving an unexpected bonus from the game, I equipped myself with 999 Essence of Destruction, a Delicious Hero's Breakfast which gave me additional 400 Life for one hour, and set off for Khalys' Elisium.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

Being careful not to repeat the mistakes I had when I first attempted to kill Khalys, I took my time, stayed calm, kept myself alert, and never allowed myself to be complacent. Since I had a generous amount of health potions, I used them whenever my life was at half, never allowing Khalys to get a lucky strike against me.

Fighting Khalys is kind of frustrating because after every minute or so, she teleports to the middle of the room and unleashes an incredible amount of energy that can kill you as she slowly regenerates. Fortunately, there are areas in the room where you can stand on where you can protect yourself from this relentless energy barrage (pictured above). Good thing also that while she does regenerate, she doesn't regenerate all the way through. Your damage is still higher than her amount of regeneration, so over time, you do chip away at her life.

She then teleports again to one of the corners of the room where you can run after her and fight her there. While you're running towards her, she unleashes one or two homing energy beams that follow you wherever  you go which deals out an incredible amount of damage. Fortunately again, scattered around the room are powerful health orbs that you can walk on to instantly regain your health.

This tedious pattern of fighting goes on and on as you slowly reduce Khalys' life.

After 10 minutes of pummeling her with Angry Strike, Scream of Rage, and Smash, I was finally able to kill her. After a couple of months of swearing revenge after the first time she killed me, it felt like complete and utter victory.

It did feel great but, at the same time, rather anti climactic. Since Khalys is Level 26, I didn't receive any experience points in killing her (although I did receive XP rewards points later on for completing this quest), and the loot she left behind were all rather useless to me, now that I'm Level 39.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

The best item I got was a Level 26 Extraordinary Chain Belt, and it was useless because  I already have a much better belt. The other items were an Improved Handaxe, a Studded Helmet, and a measly 10 Andermants. You would think a giant boss like Khalys would give out a Unique Item and at least 100 Andermants.

Again, I did receive Andermants and coins for completing the quest but still, I felt that beating her should have been more rewarding than this, considering how difficult it was to kill her.

Anyway, I got so excited at finally killing Khalys that I almost left the room without actually finishing the quest. Good thing I clicked on the map and saw a huge question mark in the room, indicating that there was something else I needed to do.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

All right! Now it's off to kill Sigrisimarr Frostclaw!

Xvii: My Watchman

It sure is nice that I can summon a watchman. It can help me add more damage to the monsters.

Although I noticed that the lightning damage of the watchman is stronger than mine.

Here are some effective tips in using this skill:

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

1.  If there are group of monsters ahead you can summon your Watchman. It will help you divert the focus of the enemy from you to the watchman so you can add more damage without being hassled yourself.

2. The Watchman will only last for 9 seconds so I suggest you stun your enemies prior to summoning it. It gives you and your Watchman enough room to deal as many damage as you can to the monsters.

3. The Singularity skill and the Watchman makes a good match. It dishes out bigger damage.

4. The Watchman gives seems to do bigger damage to Nefertaris.

5. Lastly, the Watchman is awesome in a boss fight because you can use it as a front/shield. The boss will focus on your summoned minion that gives you time to dealt more damage without worrying about your hit points. But make sure to inflict as many damage as you can because the watchman, aside from lasting for only 9 seconds, also has a cool down period of 30 seconds.

Komikero: Awesome Freebies! + Essences!

What keeps me playing Drakensang, and why it's a lot of fun to play is the awesome freebies that you get along the way.

Today I received an email from Drakensang-Online telling me to "Get your power boost bonus now!"

I'm like REALLY? I checked out what it was and the email said:

Sinister creatures from Anderworld are terrorizing the good men and women of Duria!
Rush to their aid and conquer those evil beasts with new battle skills and this strengthening bonus:
Your code*: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
More energy: 10 health potions,
5 powerful spirit guards
More strength in battle: 5 kaboom explosives,
999 essences of destruction
Individual equipment: 5 pots of lunar silver dye

And true enough, when I started playing and looked at my inventory, this is what I got!

Exactly what the email said! And the thing is, they're all pretty useful! I can certainly use the extra health potions (as they drop rarely and are expensive to buy). I've used the Kaboom! Explosive once or twice and they're pretty effective. The Powerful Spirit Guards are also useful because they are items you can use to resurrect your character at the exact same spot he dies so you can continue fighting.

The dye is not particularly useful, but it's awesome anyway because I like dyeing my character. My character is all red and that's not because he's get Extraordinary gear. That's because I've been dyeing him red from red dyes I've got from the Valentine's Day event last February.

The most awesome freebie here is the 999 Essence Of Destruction. Oh man...even when I had Andermant to burn I held off buying this essence because it was too expensive. I just fantasized and dreamed about it, but I never thought I'd actually have it.

Essences are items you use to supplement your damage, and there are various essences you can buy that offers an escalating amount of extra damage, depending on the level of your character.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image.

Bought by Coins
Weak Essence of Aggression +5 Damage, 5 Silvers, Level 1
Ordinary Essence of Aggression + 16 Damage, 30 Silvers, Level 10
Larger Essence of Aggression  +26 Damage,  35 Silvers, Level 20
Mighty Essence of Aggression +34 Damage, 40 Silvers, Level 30
Potent Essence of Aggression +40 Damage, 45 Silvers, Level 40

Bought by Andermants
Essence of Combat + 100% Damage, 300 Andermant, Level 1
Essence of War +200% Damage, 600 Andermant, Level 1
Essence of Destruction  +300% Damage, 1,200 Andermant, Level 1

All of these essences get dropped by enemies when they are killed, except Essence of War and Destruction.

Essence of Destruction is the most powerful essence of all and, equipped with this, I believe I can kill anything...even Herald! But I'd start with Khalys first. Although with Khalys, I'm pretty sure to use up all 999 of it.

And all these freebies are on top of the Daily Log-In Bonus that you receive as long as you log in and play daily. This bonus gives you two free items. One is a jewel pouch which gives you a free random jewel and the other is a Box of Surprises which can contain practically anything from potions, to weapons, to essences and other stuff.

Thanks to Drakensang-Online for all the free stuff that makes the game even more fun to play!
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